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Frequently Asked Questions


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of ECC Summer camp?

ECC Summer Camp exists to expose children to the truth of the gospel, fostering love for God through an engaging, friendly and fun environment. It is a place to get away from the ordinary. ECC offers every camper a chance to build relationships in a Christ-centered environment, to learn more about God and to learn to treasure His Word.

What time do I drop my child off?

Drop off time for all campers is during the registration on the first Sunday of each camp week from 10-2pm.

What can I expect the registration process to look like?

Registration at the start of each week takes place in the Administration Building (Brick Building), located to the left when you first enter the ECC grounds. Follow signs to proceed to the bottom floor of the building where our staff will be ready to process your registration.Please remember to have all registration documents as well as your child present with you during registration. This includes your child’s registration form if you have not completed registration online, health questionnaire and consent form, field trip permission slip, an updated physical dated no more than 3 years prior to the end of camp, as well as current immunizations.As per the state of Connecticut we cannot accept any campers without the appropriate documentation listed above. Once you’ve checked your child in and your documentation has been confirmed you will be asked to pay any remaining balance if you had not done so prior to the start of camp by accessing your active account. A member of our staff will perform a lice check on your child before guiding you to your child’s cabin where you can help your child unpack.We try to expedite and keep registration moving as quickly as possible while still maintaining the safety of all campers as well as answering questions the parents have. That being said, there may be times you will be asked to wait for a staff member to be available to register and welcome your child. Please be patient with us as we register 70+ children in this short span of time.

When do I pick my child after camp?

All campers must be picked up by a parent or guardian or designated adult between 10 am and 2 pm on the last day of camp or week your child is registered for. In case of emergency when you are unable to pick up your child prior to 2 pm on these days, please call our camp director at (978) 578-3967 to notify camp staff. There may be an additional fee at the camp directors discretion if your child is not picked up on time on pick up day.

What does a day at ECC include?

Every day at ECC includes the building of friendships and relationships with fellow campers and counselors alike. Most importantly we build up your relationship with God and learn of his love for you. Campers spend the day eating meals with their cabins groups, attending morning worship service and Christ-centered bible lessons. The schedule continues with music class and arts and crafts lessons as well as swimming, team sports and boating on the lake. There is never a dull moment down at the Gym with dodgeball, capture the flag, carpet ball, obstacle courses and more. End the day with snacks at canteen, evening worship service and cabin devotions.

Where will my child sleep?

Campers sleep with their assigned cabin group by age and gender. Your child’s counselor will also be bunking in the same cabin. We currently accept campers ages 6-16 which are then divided into 3 age brackets and then by gender. Primaries include campers age 6-9, juniors include campers 10-12 and the teens are all campers ages 13-16. Our boys and girls cabin areas are distinctly different and apart, creating privacy for living and relaxing, with separate supervision for each area. While some activities such as cabin devotions and bible classes are spent with only your cabin group, the shared campus and schedule allows ample opportunities for siblings or friends to socialize while at camp despite being in different age groups or genders.

Is there a uniform at ECC Summer Camp?

No, there is no uniform required for camp although there is a dress code we abide by. It can be found here.

What do I need to help my child pack?

Please refer to our Camper Packing checklist. Please review the dress code policy with your child to make sure the clothing they are packing is appropriate. Remember, there is no laundry available. So help your child pack enough clothes to last the entire time they are at camp.

What standard discounts do you offer?

The cost of summer camp is currently $235 per child per week, and this amount is already subsidized for our camp to be able to stay at the beautiful ECC facility. We currently offer an early registration discount of $15 off per week when you register online prior to May 1st. We also offer a sibling discount of $50 off per week for a family registering a second child and $100 off per week for a family registering a third child or more children. Discounts are applied during the payment portion of your registration on your Active account. Click here to register or to access your existing registration.

Can I volunteer?

Our ECC Summer Camp is run completely by volunteers. If you would like to serve as a counselor during the course of camp please apply by following links to our staff registration. If you are interested in volunteering in other capacities please contact our staff at

When can I visit?

Although we do not encourage parents to visit as we strive to maintain an environment free from distractions, we understand that 2 weeks may be a long time away from a parent for some of our younger campers. If you are interested in visiting your child, we allow parents to visit on Sunday from 10am - 2pm between the two weeks of camp. Please understand your child will still be expected to remain with their cabin group, and under their counselors oversight while you are visiting. We do not allow campers to leave ECC grounds during this day or any other day during their stay at camp unless there are unusual circumstances and with the prior approval from the camp director.

When can I call my child? Will my child be able to call me?

We strongly discourage parents and guardians from calling their children while they are away at camp. One of the biggest benefits of coming to camp is an opportunity for campers to be independent from their parents for a short period of time. Camp is, for most kids, the ONLY time of year when they handle issues directly with their peers and counselors and can’t talk to their parents first. It’s a great thing to see kids getting to know other campers and connecting with them. For first-year campers, it’s a huge boost to their confidence to realize they can be successful at camp, without their parents. Being able to call Mom or Dad changes the dynamics of the camp experience. Instead of engaging with the people at camp, the camper is staying connected to their parents and not gaining the valuable independence that a camp experience provides.

We strive to keep ECC Summer Camp a cell phone free zone. Cell phones found with campers will be confiscated for the duration of the camp. Please do not encourage your child to “sneak” a cell phone into camp or “sneak” a phone call. It may convey that you are not sure your child will be safe at camp or be able to turn to their counselor (or another staff person) if they need help. If you choose to send your child to camp, you and your child both need to feel comfortable with the camp’s staff and leadership. You need to trust that your child’s needs will be met at camp – whether they are physical, social, or emotional. When your child knows that you are confident, they will in turn be more confident in the experience. It undermines our ability to help support your children in their experience if they don’t feel comfortable coming to us.

We encourage you to follow our Instagram @ecc_camp for updated photos of our campers. We understand two weeks away may be hard for some of our younger campers. The best way to reach your child during camp is to send them an email at which we will deliver to your child and allow for a quick reply with an email or photo. If you must call your child, please call during dinner (6-7pm) and leave a message with our camp director at (978) 578-3967 stating your name and your child’s name clearly. We will have your child call you back during the next available dinner. We will contact you promptly if we have any concerns about your child, or if your child comes to us with any issues we are unable to help with.

Who do I contact in an emergency?

In the event of an emergency you can reach our camp director Dennis Vertiyev at (978) 578-3967 by call or text. If he is unavailable to take your call please leave a message stating your name and child’s name clearly and a short message and he will call you back as soon as possible. For general questions or concerns please email ECC staff at

Should I pack medication for my child?

No, please do not pack any medication for your child. As per the state of CT, campers are not allowed to have or administer any medication in their possession. Our onsite Registered Nurse will have any pain, allergy, cold, topical or stomach medication your child may require during their stay at camp. If your child has a prescription medication they are required to take during their stay at camp you must check in the medication during registration with our staff nurse as well as a completed “Administration of Medication Form” for each specific medication signed by your child’s physician. This can be found on your Active account. Medication needed for immediate use for life-threatening conditions (i.e. rescue inhalers and EpiPens) must be checked in with our staff nurse unless the camper’s doctor requires him/her to keep it on his/her person at all times. The camper must have a written statement of medical necessity from the prescribing doctor for the camper to carry it. The camper is responsible for his/her own medication and may only give it to his/her counselor to hold not a fellow camper. All prescription medication must be in the original container with the prescription label.

How can I donate or sponsor a child?

Donations of any amount would be greatly appreciated. Although we do have some funding on a yearly basis to maintain camp operations, we fund raise and ask for donations to allow us to provide new and exciting activities and experiences for the campers. You can donate via Paypal (at the bottom of this page!) or in person by cash or check during camp registration. Every year we have campers who are unable to come or unable to stay for the full two weeks due to their families financial situation. If you would like to help sponsor a child who may not have been able to camp otherwise please contact our staff via email at